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SkinPen: The Gold Standard in Safe Microneedling


MICRONEEDLING (aka Collagen Induction Therapy & Percutaneous Collagen Induction) involves the use of a needling device to create micro-injuries in the skin for the purpose of skin rejuvenation. In the past few years, it has increased in popularity due to its ability to improve skin texture, firmness, and discoloration, and to diminish scars, pore size, and stretch marks. New Life MedSpa and Wellness Center uses “the gold standard in safe microneedling,” SkinPen® by Bellus Medical. SkinPen® is an FDA-cleared microneedling device that creates 3 million micro-channels in a 30-minute session.

Don’t Hide Your Face! Microneedling Can Be Used to Fight:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss (alopecia)
  • Dark spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • Large pores
  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Microneedling is a less expensive option than laser treatments. Microneedling has been known to be a better option for people with darker skin tones as it doesn’t affect your skin’s pigmentation.

Learn why skincare professionals trust the SkinPen!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Do-It-Yourself Home Microneedling Devices

First, home-use microneedling devices aren’t as effective as the devices that we use at New Life MedSpa and Wellnesss Center as home versions use needles designed for novice users. Even with less adequate devices, home users take a greater risk of accidentally, and possibly permanently, damaging their skin. Home users may also not utilize proper sterilization techniques.

Facial – Coming Soon

FACIALS cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate skin using a combination of medical-grade SkinCeuticals products and tools. Suitable for a variety of skin types, these highly-customizable treatments improve the appearance of several skin concerns including fine lines & wrinkles, skin firmness, skin texture, pore congestion, and acne.

Chemical Peel – Coming Soon

CHEMICAL PEELS improve and smooth the skin’s texture by inducing a controlled injury to the skin and then removing the outermost layers. The resulting wound heals, generating new tissue, while the dead skin eventually peels off. The regenerated skin is typically smoother and consists of fewer wrinkles. Facial skin is most often treated. Scars can be improved.

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